Sommer Ehrenberg

Why did you start CrossFit and when? 
I started CrossFit because my mom introduced me to it when I was in high school. Probably around 2011.

Favorite WOD and why? 
My favorite WODs are ones that include handstand push-ups or power cleans. Those two movements are my favorite. I also enjoy handstand walks and muscle ups. My favorite weightlifting movement is back squat because it’s easy to improve.

Favorite Movement to Teach? 
I love teaching anything someone wants to genuinely work on. There is always something to improve on each movement but it really makes me happy when people want to learn to stand on their hands. I also enjoy teaching kipping movements.

Favorite Client or Athlete Memory? 
My favorite moments were when Meg thought she couldn’t push jerk a heavier weight and I got her to push herself and she did. Also when there is someone new and taking there first CrossFit class ever and genuinely want to learn and didn't give up for one second during their first class. So good.

My fitness/life motto 
“Get Better Every Day”

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