Should women lift weights? This has been a debated topic among fitness enthusiasts for decades. The answer is simple. Yes. Women should lift weights. There are so many benefits to strength training that can drastically improve life. Below are just a few reasons to get the wheels turning in your head and blood flowing in your muscles.

1.It will improve body composition. Lifting weights burns calories therefore it is easy to determine that lifting more weights burns more calories. There is an obvious and direct correlation between the amount of weight an individual can lift and their body composition.

2. The benefits are useful. Whether you are trying to pick up a suitcase, direct your stubborn dog by the leash, or lift your grandkid to your shoulders the work put in lifting weights in the gym will improve your ability to conquer everyday tasks.

3.It is empowering. It’s hard to describe how a heavy squat, a 225 pound deadlift, or a body weight bench press can change your mood or confidence levels but it does. You’ll not only feel stronger in the gym but all aspects of life. When you accomplish a task that used to seem impossible your entire attitude toward new tasks changes and you are ready to take on the world.

4.You become part of a community. When you go through a strenuous activity like weightlifting with people you form a bond with them. You understand each other on a different level than others. In our gym when someone attempts a PR (personal record) there is always at least one other person, usually more, standing around them watching and cheering them on. Your successful lift helps me with my next one and vice versa.

5.It’s always changing and exciting. When you start to get comfortable with your workout routine you have stopped challenging yourself and therefore are no longer producing changes in your body. When you stop changing you stop progressing. If you are not progressing then what is your purpose?

6.It improves bone density. We all know the risks of osteoporosis and the growing concerns within the female community. By increasing stress loads on our bones and joints we can drastically reduce the risks of osteoporosis by strengthening the bones and the muscles moving them.

7.It helps manage stress and problems of the world. Ask anyone to describe their mood pre and then post workout. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that says they felt better pre. Strength training has been proven to have a profound effect on cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in the body. Strength training can be used as an excellent and healthy coping mechanism to stress and an alternative to some other less healthy ones such as excessive eating, alcohol, and prescription drugs.

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