CrossFit is Functional

CrossFit combines a large selection of functional movements and performs them at varying degrees of intensity in order to prepare us for similar movements in everyday life. You want examples? Well every time we stand up we are coming out of a squat. Anytime we pick up an object from the floor we are essentially deadlifting it. Bring that same object to chest or shoulder height is comparable to the result of a clean and putting that object on a shelf or location over our heads is liken to the overhead press. We are already doing most of the movements used in CrossFit on a daily basis. What we as coaches want to do is teach you to do them safely and correctly by utilizing the right muscles and maintaining stable posture.

Crossfit Combines Strength, Metabolic, and Flexibility Training

Ask any good coach or trainer what makes up a solid workout regimen. They will tell you a combination of strength, metabolic or cardio, and mobility/flexibility training. We need to regularly push our strength limits to grow them and to handle more physical stressors in our daily lives. We metabolically condition our bodies through intense compound movements in order to increase your VO2max and metabolic threshold. In other words we increase our rate of metabolism. Metabolic training has also been shown to improve our hormonal profiles. Flexibility training is unfortunately the component left out of many workout programs. People either don’t like it, “don’t have the time”, or “don’t see the benefit”. By increasing our range of motion through flexibility training we enable our bodies to perform optimally the way we are actually designed to move. Imagine trying to squat without reaching full depth, you would literally be missing out on half of the movement and therefore half of the benefits.

Everyday is Different

You can’t be well rounded in anything by repeating the same thing. You might be able to get really good at one movement or skill but unless you are an athlete trying to compete in a single event that’s not the best route for improvement in everyday life. In CrossFit we teach your body to be ready for whatever life throws at you. Not everyday is the same, why should your workout be?

It is Broad and Encompassing

As discussed in the last topic we want our bodies to be prepared for anything. Therefore we practice a broad range of movements that prepare our muscles and our minds to handle a broad range of challenges.

CrossFit Constantly Tests Our Fitness

CrossFit programming is constantly changing, however it also follows a somewhat cyclical pattern. We have several “benchmark” workouts that are built into our programming to test and retest our fitness levels. These benchmarks cover a wide range of skills and movements. If there is one thing you are not good at in a benchmark it is a strong indicator of what you need to work on in order to improve.

CrossFit is Always Intense

Every CrossFit coach or gym owner has heard the phrase “CrossFit? I don’t think that’s for me it is way too crazy and intense”. Why should we shy away from intensity? Pushing our limits is the way we actually improve. Intensity is personal. What level is intense for me may not be intense for you and visa versa. I may have a strong deadlift but you may have a strong overhead press. Or your endurance may be higher than mine and you can perform longer and harder in a workout. The point behind intensity is just to push ourselves past our comfort zone WHEREVER that may be.

It Combines Several Styles of Exercise Drawing on the Benefits From Each One

CrossFit pulls ideas and concepts from all over the spectrum. We regularly perform Olympic Lifts, Power Lifts, Gymnastic Skills, some concepts from yoga, and the list goes on. If the knowledge is available from different realms of exercise why not use it to create a well rounded individual or athlete.

It is Social

CrossFit classes are a very social and friendly environment. Try to imagine being the new kid on the block moving into a new neighborhood, in a new town, without any friends or a network to lean on. That is the feeling most people have when they join a gym or start a new workout routine. They have no support group or system. In CrossFit everyone works individually but we do so in a group environment. Your back squat might not help your friend get stronger but you encouraging your friend while you take turns squatting will certainly help motivate them to push on further.

It Places a Strong Emphasis on Nutrition

Food is literally our fuel for movement. If we are not providing an adequate and proper amount of food we can not operate at maximal level. Imagine filling your car with a mixture of gasoline and water. How far do you think it would get you? There are many different ways to approach the issue of nutrition and there is not necessarily a right or wrong way. There are better ways to approach the topic than others but that is always dependent on the individual goals of the athlete.

In closing CrossFit will not make you the best Olympic Lifter in the world and it probably won’t put you in the top ten of marathon runners either. But are those everyday goals? The general public does not need to work at an elite level in a specific skill. What we need is fitness and health to help us better perform the tasks we encounter in everyday life, whatever they may be. If you want to get stronger for football or lacrosse, if you want lower your 5k time, or if you just want to keep up with your grandkids CrossFit will provide the tools to prepare you to do so.

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