Just Show Up

Hey Fam it’s Nick at Charm City CrossFit.  


One question that we get asked a lot is how to build the motivation to consistently get to the gym.  Good question.

For starters you have to actually want to make a change.  Whether that is health driven as in your doctor told you you need to lose weight or you need to strengthen X muscles.  Or it could be aesthetically like maybe your favorite jeans don’t fit you anymore or this is the first time in your life you’ve been over X pounds.  Or you could just realize one day like OMG why am I so winded after walking up those stairs.

Whatever the reason is you need one.  If there’s no reason or no "why" then from a psychological standpoint we don’t feel that we need to change anything.


Ok so you’ve found your why for this example let’s just say your doctor wants you to lose 10 pounds. The next step is always the hardest.  Starting.

It’s on you to take that initial first trip to the gym.  An easy way to get this going is to reach out to a friend who works out regularly and ask to join or just bring a random friend for moral support and make the workout more fun.


So at this point you made it into the gym.  GREAT!


Now it’s time to develop a habit or a routine.  I know we wish it was enough but one visit to the gym won’t give us the perfect health or dream bodies we want.


At Charm City CrossFit we suggest choosing at least 2 days per week that you KNOW you can workout on a regular basis.  Let’s just say Tuesday and Thursday nights. Block that time off on your calendar and commit. From 6-7pm every tues thurs you will be dedicating that hour to yourself and your personal health.  


The great part about this is that IT GETS EASIER.  As your brain falls into this positive routine you will soon come to expect that hour to be there.  Expect to get the endorphins and uplifting mood that come with a good workout.


Now let's say your boss needs you to stay late this Tuesday and you can’t make it for your WOD.  Ok stuff happens sometimes, that’s inevitable. BUT you have to decide that ok I just lost my Tuesday night workout so I HAVE to make it up.  So maybe you go Wednesday this week instead or Saturday.


When you’re starting out a habit like this is extremely important.  It doesn’t matter if you have the best workout each day you come or if sometimes you’re dragging a little.  What matters right now is just showing up and doing what you can each time. If you’re consistent with this I promise you will improve.  AND if you’re at a gym like Charm City CrossFit you will start building friendships with other members and athletes which builds that camaraderie and sense of community.  


If you have any questions about how to get yourself into the gym regularly or if you just want to learn more about health or fitness feel free to shoot us an email at info@charmcitycrossfit.com,  or just leave a comment below.  Thanks for checking us out.

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