• Sana V., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    Dropping in at a new box is always a little awkward, but everyone here made me feel welcome. I was treated with the same attention and care as a long-time member, and was given thoughtful and appropriate modifications when my shoulder started acting up. Skills were broken down and put back together with a really good progression - and I appreciated the helpful cues. This place is laid back, but still full of motivation. Small but not cramped, and really really friendly. Pretty much perfect. Thanks!

    Sana V.
  • Shane G., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    In baltimore for work and decided to drop in and I wasn't disappointed! Great coaching, very structured, organized and thorough. Coach Nicole was very energetic. The members were all friendly and made me feel welcome, can't say the same for some other boxes I've dropped in at. Definitely a must visit if you're looking to get your crossfit fix. thanks charm city crossfit!

    Shane G.
  • Dani B., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    I had never done CrossFit when I joined CharmCity CrossFit in May. Nick and the other trainers are great, and the people in the classes are fun and supportive. I have bad knees, but have been able to modify certain movements. You get challenging WODs in a fun environment. CharmCity CrossFit rocks!

    Dani B.
  • Alison Y., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    Hands down- this is the best gym in Baltimore with a phenomenally supportive and positive community! Highly qualified and experienced coaches that care about your progress and technique!

    Alison Y.
  • Emily G., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    Pushing you to your limit and making you look and feel your best!! Highly recommended.

    Emily G.
  • Stephanie M., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    As someone who joined who was new to crossfit, I never felt intimidated here at class. Nick, the trainer, is great. He's very knowledgeable, keeps the classes fun and keeps them safe.

    Stephanie M.
  • Neal R., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    It's nick and Meg are very informative and hands on you'll never feel alone or intemediated. Best box around.

    Neal R.
  • Aaron H., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    Great guy. Very informative. Experienced with all levels of fitness.

    Aaron H.
  • Rayan A., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    I W=was not sure if I should join a traditional gym or a crossfit program. I'm really glad I chose charm city crossfit. It has a very positive vibe and every trainer makes sure to get the best out of you. If you've never done crossfit like me, they'll walk you through foundation classes to master every fundamental exercise. It also suits persons of all fitness level. I really cannot recommend this place enough.

    Rayan A.
  • James D., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    I was in Baltimore for the summer and was looking for a Crossfit gym to join. CCC was the closest one to where I was living, so I decided to check it out. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming the moment I walked in! The coaches are very knowledgeable and focus on everyone's form/technique. The space is a bit small, but it has never been an issue for workouts and makes the atmosphere a bit cozier!

    James D.
  • Danielle B., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    Challenging WODs with a fun group of people. Nick and the other coaches are great! Highly recommend!!!

    Danielle B.
  • Grant C., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    This is a great gym. The coaches are all in and invested in their clients. The atmosphere is great, every time you walk in you feel the positive energy.

    Grant C.
  • Caitlin R., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    I was visiting Baltimore for two months this summer for work and decided to try something new. I had never done crossfit before and was a little nervous before showing up. But I totally didn't need to be! The folks who work out at Charm City CrossFit are super friendly and nice, and Nick is an AWESOME coach. He pushes you while also being attentive to any injuries or other limitations you may have. I have missed this gym so much since leaving town! So if you're nearby and have a chance to check it out, don't miss out!!!

    Caitlin R.
  • Julia B., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    Crossfit will make you look better. I’ve already lost weight while eating huge amounts (on paleo). I’m stunned at the strength I’m building, and didn’t realize how good it would feel. Coach Nick gives perfect pace directions and impetus: sharp words of encouragement interspersed with silence while you are focusing. Instructions are calm and crystal clear, with lots of room to scale. I am pushed forward from my growth edge. Overcoming lots of joint stuff, I was on 3200 mg of ibuprofen a day, but last week stopped all because the new muscles are stabilizing everything. I sleep so well, like I’m in Elysium. Thank you team at Charm City Crossfit.

    Julia B.
  • Michael L., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    If you're looking for crossfit this is the best gym in the city. Nick (owner) makes every member not only feel special but motivated to bring their best each and every day. I bar (pun intended) has been set so high with this gym that any other one would be a let down to me.

    Michael L.
  • Alexsis D., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    Charm City CrossFit has been an awesome experience for me as a person who started very out of shape. In mere weeks I have learned new skills and gained confidence in my fitness capabilities. The trainers create an environment that takes the intimidation right out of working out and the variety of exercises will keep you coming back for more!

    Alexsis D.
  • Edrees R., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    Excellent place to lift weights and get fit. The owner and head trainer Nick is very knowledgeable and does what some crossfit coaches don't: understand the limitations of certain folks and works around their lack of experience, weaknesses, and injuries to help them become better. Equipment is new and in good shape and the space is clean and well kept. Prices are very good relative to other crossfit gyms.

    Edrees R.
  • Erin C., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    If you want to try Crossfit, this is the place to do it! Not intimidating, friendly atmosphere and Nick is a great trainer! He puts an emphasis on form and safety, unlike a lot of other Crossfit gyms. I was never able to do a pull up in my life til I came here 😊

    Erin C.
  • Lindsey M., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    If you think you're not the "crossfit type", Charm City Crossfit will certainly change your mind! This is not your typical crossfit gym. They truly welcome and accommodate everyone on all fitness levels. The owner, Nick, is always there to provide personalized advice on techniques and nutrition to help you achieve your individual goals. Whether you are just trying to get in shape or meet some new friends (or both!) Charm City Crossfit is well worth trying out!

    Lindsey M.
  • Sheryl S., Charm City CrossFit Testimonials

    As an out-of-town Crossfitter looking for somewhere to drop in for a couple weeks, I felt welcomed into Charm City Crossfit by its coaches. In addition to a challenging WOD, the daily programming includes mobility and strength and skill training - not always the norm at other Crossfit boxes. As more athletes seekiing an elite fitness program discover Nick and this facility, he will need to find a larger space!

    Sheryl S.


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